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Marrying the art of storytelling with the science of event planning to create unforgettable stories for your brand.

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Connecting You with Trusted Partners

With long-lasting relationships and first-hand knowledge of the product and service being provided, Ever Epic will work with you to connect your program need to the right partner-supplier.

Partner Connections

Trade Show and Event Marketing Services

Ever Epic is a strategic event marketing agency fluent in all aspects of corporate exhibit and event programs on both a domestic and international level. With our extensive supplier relationships, client-focused development and implementation, we are able to deliver memorable brand experiences by engaging audiences for impactful results.

Combining with our global partners and clients, we will build your company a better understanding of how well defined, face-to-face events positively contribute to both overall marketing programs and the bottom line.

Environment Ideation

Gathering, sharing and executing ideas
help create the ideal environment and
feel for each event or show. Ever Epic
turns the brainstorming into a solid
strategy for developing plans that are
uniquely yours.

Project Management

Planning, planning and more planning – then
managing all aspects, including coordinating
partner-suppliers and adding finishing
touches to achieve program objectives, are
part of the Ever Epic DNA.

Venue Sourcing

With connections both domestically and globally, Ever Epic searches out the right location to fit the needs of your event while capitalizing on the unique venue features to create magic moments for your customers.

Logistics Management

Ensuring the many tactical facets of a program go off without a hitch, Ever Epic works with your current systems and the latest event technology to manage all logistical details – from airlines to zip ties.


Collaborating with global partners and clients to build a better understanding of how well-defined face-to-face events positively contribute to overall marketing programs

Francesca Lendrum

President / Partner

Ever Epic

Francesca Lendrum, President of Ever Epic, is a veteran event craftsman and accomplished trade show program designer with a broad industry perspective and vast corporate partnerships. Her well-trained eye and superb management skills have made her an influencer in the strategic event marketing community both domestically and internationally.

Throughout her career, Francesca has been an advocate for her peers and industry change. Her affiliation with numerous exhibit and event-industry associations including CEMA, EACA, and as an exhibitor appointee to the Advisory Council for Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) in Chicago, have allowed her to make a lasting impression on those within the business. Her work advocating for exhibitors continues through various association connections.


Wow, no one thought of using our venue in this way before

Magic Island
Newport Beach,CA

“The New Zealand strawberries for dessert, as big as a baby’s fist, were all the proof anyone needed we were in a magical place!”.

Teatro Real Opera House
Madrid, Spain

“It was so different than anything I had seen, and not just in China. Upon entering the lobby I literally stopped in my tracks. This was it!”

Capital Museum
Beijing, China

“A vision of the evening developed – students rather than stars singing at dinner – perfect entertainment for the guests and a mutually beneficial experience for all”.


How to take a 15-year old startup and make it seem stable, strategic and a player in the industry

What They’re Saying

We were recently reminiscing of your MANY perfectly organized events!

ITS industry colleague

Francesca possesses an utter determination to deliver projects to the very highest quality. She has an incredible work ethic and a laser sharp eye for detail. She is a true business professional. I have frequently seen her working late into the night at trade shows to ensure the booth &/or hospitality events run like clockwork and represent the company to the highest standards.

Francesca does not subscribe to the 'that will do' philosophy, because she appreciates that invariably it simply will not do, so she diligently applies herself until every single element of every single project is delivered to her own exacting standards.

Andrew BarriballManaging Director, Route One Publishing Ltd

Whether it's a trade show, road show, conference or customer appreciation event, Francesca has the ability to tame the beast of logistics, communications, as well as vendor and on-site team management to create world-class events. She does this whether it's a local event, or an event on the other side of the globe.

Francesca has the rare ability to inspire the event team she leads to come together to consistently produce well-run, and well-attended customer facing events. She is equally at home in working with C-level executives, sales or professional associations to produce top events.

If you're looking for an event professional that can manage zillions of moving parts, products and people with class, professionalism and over the top results, Francesca is your go-to person.

Dierdre JuntaTraining and Talent Development,
Illinois WorkNet Center

You always embodied a rare combination of class-act, efficiency and charm!

J Martin Rowellformer Vice President, Industry Relations,