About Ever Epic

At Ever Epic, our story is to help you tell yours, in a face-to-face environment. By marrying the art of storytelling with the science of event marketing, we create a memorable experience that engages the senses, imprinting your brand message on the audience.


Collaborative by nature, Ever Epic, and its founder, Francesca Lendrum believe in developing a creative team for a client that culturally and philosophically fit together. That means considering each player’s style, capabilities, financial views, the nature of the project and the sense of urgency required to complete it. Francesca then directs the team by balancing projects and priorities with Professionalism, Resourcefulness, Resilience, and a Commitment to excellence.


Being a passionate advocate for her peers and industry change, Francesca and Ever Epic choose to support numerous charitable concerns. Her commitment to the betterment of those organizations can be seen through her various face-to-face fundraising activities.

Advocating for the Exhibitor is also top of mind for Ever Epic. The vision of Exhibitor Advocacy www.exhibitoradvocacy.com , an organization formed in May 2018, is to promote “consistency, transparency, and accountability on the convention floor.” Ever Epic supports this group of industry leaders who aim to bring awareness and effect positive change for exhibitors, and for the health of our industry. The group seeks to collaborate with show organizers and suppliers to bring fair business practices to shows and enhance the exhibitors’ position on show site. For detailed information visit: www.ExhibitorAdvocacy.com

Similarly, Ever Epic welcomes the opportunity to help clients engage with their community and increase corporate social responsibility. A strong commitment to these programs can protect and enhance a company’s brand, create a positive working environment, boost sales and attract desirable employees.